An Oilfield Worker’s Viewpoint of Hillary and other thoughts for his first post of 2015…

As last year ended, I thought, like many who are in the energy sector, that life was not getting any better.  I finally hit the second apex of my career.  This wasn’t a bad thing, nor was it unforseen.  I had been trying to learn a lot of things in a short span of time.  I had been altering my mindset to my job to be more beneficial to the company I worked for (as of this moment, I’m three years here and just now hitting a lull thanks to the economy).

Now things have changed, a lot in the fracking side of the well head have closed their doors.  A great deal of buildings in South Texas are shuttered.  A lot of guys like me are without steady work, or even a paycheck.  Thanks, globalists.

I’m still optimistic.  I’m still trying to get on top of the game, nail it down.  I have friends that are tthinking that there is plenty to do and money to make.  Being optimistic about life in general is an edge many fail to cultivate.  Lucky for me, my inner bully gets smashed quite often to it’s chagrin.  I like hearing it scream, my imaginary bully sounds a lot like a lovechild of the Obama family and Shrillary…

By the way, the bitch is back.  I’m not voting for her, nor do I think she needs to draw breath anymore.  How Christian of me, right?  Well, fuck her, and if you want to label me as a hypocrite, fuck you.  She’s travelling cross country in a van right now, probaby having some flashbacks to her college days of being a loser.  She will lose again, JUST LIKE SHE DID BEFORE.  This time, Barack isn’t going to do it.  This time, it could be a quadraplegic monkey of caucasian blood and a smile, and you have a winner.

Mainly because, men with a dick just don’t like Shrillary.  I guess people of taste in general, just don’t approve of her.  I read that the book tour she did wasn’t that successful, nor was the publisher really happy that the pleebs didn’t glom onto it like icing on a danish.  Hmm, maybe if she had a positive Charisma score, she could score something more than angry lesbians and apologist men.

Enough of her, between her and our muslim POTUS, I won’t turn on a television.  Not to watch any broadcasting.  Either of them could look a lot more attractive with six feet of dirt on them.

I still have hope for America.  I do because I live the dream, and it would sound sarcastic for someone who was jaded too much to the ups and downs of the industry.  But I came from literally nothing, because before I got into this, all I had accomplished was basic survival week-to-week.  Living under low wage jobs in an economically depressed area, it did wonders to discover the energy sector, and I promote this to any young kid that thinks college is a waste of paper.  

I promote the industry to anyone who will listen.  You can afford to live outside of debt here.  You can learn discipline and accomplish things here that used to be nationwide two generations ago.  And if America keeps making shitty decisions like Obama, Hillary, W, you have a shrinking potential to reach what you want, because the middle class gets squeezed by global mindsets, stupid practices in multicultural thinking, and general derision to anyone who would want to actually labor for a living.

I’m tired, I can’t swing a mallet like other professionals, but I will help you get this job completed and make our customer happy.  And sometimes we lose sight of that.  In the efforts to be followng the dance moves of a disembodied corporation, we forget that we must make our customers happy if we want a repeat performance.

That dovetails into sales, politics, and friendships; the entire notion where you can’t shit where you eat.  You know what you need to do, in order to have no shame when you look in the mirror.  You go about treating people like they are disposable, or they are only useful while they funnel resources into you, and your name is proceeded by a moan from others nearby.  Why would you want your last name to be synonymous with an adulterous sex act or shrieking like a tranny at the wig shop when your wig isn’t in stock?