Searching for Americana, July’s Poop

I’m Bruce Lombardo and it’s my time again to take a squat at the mental bin. I frack, I sing in the shower, and I look at the spice aisle at the store the same way many of you surf for porn. I’m different than you until I get room temperature. By that time, I won’t care.

Okay. Last year, I made some statements about Islam, Allah, and Mohommed that some took offense to. Mainly people think you shouldn’t swear off one-seventh (so they say) of the worlds population–I say it’s much less.

So if it is one seventh of the world’s population, that’s fine. I hear you bleeding orifices of humanity talk about the Monday-hate all the time. What is so evil about me thinking that one seventh of the world’s population don’t deserve to have their head checked by violent means? Okay, if we converted them with peaceful discoveries (to them) about Christianity, Sikhism, Buddism, Hinduism, I think they would flock to it like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Case in point, fuck the hardcore Moslems. They’re turning what was going productively before Obama took office into a human cesspool, which is where most of my words will end up. They don’t want anything but bloodshed in his name and human sacrifice (which makes me think Planned Parenthood is an outreach program to soften up our numbers). This paragraph pertains to the current situation caused by ISIS in the Middle East.

Todays post isn’t even about human waste. You see how I tied that all together? Today’s post is about compassion!

I have to say that I feel sometimes that I have absolutely zero empathy. Nothing. Zip. Nada. I think that sometime that I’m impervious to a lot of what is going on, just because I have a hard time giving a shit.

The one time I actually get active is politics or law and religion. How’s that for a First Date Buzz Kill? At least for South Texas, it causes a lot of people to have their eyes glaze over. It’s sometimes really cool to watch, because it’s like the FUN MOSQUITO shoves their proboscis in them and instead of having a rollicking good time, the dead fish lay has taken control of the 76″ plasma screen for my attention to soak in.

I thought I had a new friend and somehow we hit this conversation about Illegals coming in the country and she got very pit-bullish on me. I’m sure my Great Grandfather of the Cherokee tribe would agree, coming across the land bridge, there wasn’t any asshole asking for papers.

I hate to break it to you. Here we have laws. And even if you want to show us your passed US Constitution test and you can speak English and pick any other language in the known world, there is a process that MUST BE FOLLOWED. Why can’t we honor the people that did it right, and then go spend our extra money at a casino as a courtesy nod to the American Indians who kept the real estate warm for us?

Never mind about the Ebola in Colorado, or the TB on the border, or whatever. Pelosi is there saying it’s secure and as a chaser Hamas is just a babysitters club (that rapes your babies, or thighs them…). If DHS could stop being a douchebag organization of law enforcement, you might have Border Patrol being reinforced for being able to CONTAIN THE PROBLEM FROTHING AT THE BORDER. I don’t get it.

I guess, if you want to test Obamacare, you have an epidemic hit the nation and see if the new healthcare can hold up to the enemy at the gates. I’m speaking literally on this one, or attempting to have a one-sided discussion as most blog posts are. You have the new-fangled health care which should be able to deal with it, I mean, if you saw the new cost versus what people were paying through private care (which covered people better, and most people believe this unless they truly think Sandra Fluke gives a ripping concern about their vagina), then you’d understand that the new program is the New Coke to the Old Private Care, Coke Classic.

I am happily removing those people from my affiliates on my social networking. It feels good to have a duel on Facebook or some other setting and exhaust them completely. If I didn’t think they weren’t worth saving, I wouldn’t talk to them. But some people can’t be saved. Some people were responsible at Nuremberg for actually killing Jews, too.

And when it comes to the situation in Israel, I think that seriously, if you are are anti-semetic, Fuck You. I don’t care if you are Mother Teresa. I don’t care if you are a Guru or some semi-spiritual being. If you don’t like Jews, Hebrew faith, I won’t really shed much of a tear for you. It’s a matter of belief. The same reason why you pray for blessings from government every 1st and 15th every month, is why I love the religion that I do.

Recently, Penelope Cruz and others have said horrible things about Israel just because it is easy to find pictures of dead kids in Gaza. I guess they don’t want my dollar. If you don’t want my money, then don’t hold your tongue when it comes to your hatred for Israel.

I have a lot of love for Israel. For those that don’t, go associate elsewhere, and don’t think I won’t verbally take you down in a conversation. I don’t really care about your opinion if you side with those I feel are their enemies. I pray to see an end to the violence, I just do not see it happening until the people who actively fire bullets at Israel are relocated to their graves.

I don’t mind being a hater. If that’s what I am, then I’m okay with it. After the last year of being primarily concerned with learning the ins and outs of my job, I kinda retreated into my head since then. I came to peace to who I was.

Then my friend died in late May. I found out from her sister, and for two whole days, I didn’t know how she perished. Because I did know her well enough, I thought she self-medicated herself to an early demise. She always had ‘chill-out pills’ at our work when things began to be stressful.

And while I sympathized with her sister profusely, I was really saddened about this for a couple of selfish reasons I don’t need to go into here. Yeah, I had a crush on her and let it be.

But my relief I had, when she had died in a motor accident. I felt like I had this horrible stone had been lifted from my shoulders because I knew that this was something spontaneous and it happened at possibly one of the best times in her life. She just had a baby boy, got remarried, things were looking up as far as they could.

I had a horrible shadow thought that maybe it wasn’t suckville and possibly she was one of the few people who doesn’t panic when things are going great. I wasn’t made aware of these blessings initially. I was just made aware she was gone. And things had remained the same as she had told me a year or so beforehand.

Well, I look like the asshole because I was happy she died in a less spontaneous/more gruesome way. The benefit was one of the children not coming in and finding her.

So I guess I should find some way to not be so apathetic to the needs of others.

Yeah. Let me contemplate this.