Dragging my Feet

So with everything where I am, starting to warm up, you think I’d be doing something outside, right? The temperatures are routinely in the seventies here, hardly a reason to put on the baby oil. But it’s still a full month before spring hits.

Springtime for the rest of the nation is akin to hooded sweatshirts and gym memberships. Tennis shoes and running shoes are purchased in aplumb. People tell cabin fever to basically fuck itself. I’m all for this. Too much inside time for me will keep me not-tan.

I rolled my ankle in October of last year. I tried running on it a little bit…boy that can really cause some pains I never knew about. I think I’ll pedal places…who am I kidding?

I just now hit a thousand miles on my new Civic. Man, that car is a joy to drive. I was thinking about a Subaru but I occasionally can’t afford such things like rate hikes due to speeding tickets. I don’t want to press that. So I at least am saving ten percent of my wages. The Civic suits me pretty well.

My book…yeah…note the title? I’ll be on it, as soon as I get off here. I promise. Start asking me when you see me if I’m done yet. My alpha readers are liking it and if there’s anything to be said, the edits will be better than Election Weekend…

Waiting for the laughter to end. Okay, I’m out. I’ll talk to you people in a few, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months…who knows. Be well. Unless you’re in favor of Mohommed. Then get sick, don’t wash your hands, bathe in infected waters, call yourself a knucklehead.


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