Dragging my Feet

So with everything where I am, starting to warm up, you think I’d be doing something outside, right? The temperatures are routinely in the seventies here, hardly a reason to put on the baby oil. But it’s still a full month before spring hits.

Springtime for the rest of the nation is akin to hooded sweatshirts and gym memberships. Tennis shoes and running shoes are purchased in aplumb. People tell cabin fever to basically fuck itself. I’m all for this. Too much inside time for me will keep me not-tan.

I rolled my ankle in October of last year. I tried running on it a little bit…boy that can really cause some pains I never knew about. I think I’ll pedal places…who am I kidding?

I just now hit a thousand miles on my new Civic. Man, that car is a joy to drive. I was thinking about a Subaru but I occasionally can’t afford such things like rate hikes due to speeding tickets. I don’t want to press that. So I at least am saving ten percent of my wages. The Civic suits me pretty well.

My book…yeah…note the title? I’ll be on it, as soon as I get off here. I promise. Start asking me when you see me if I’m done yet. My alpha readers are liking it and if there’s anything to be said, the edits will be better than Election Weekend…

Waiting for the laughter to end. Okay, I’m out. I’ll talk to you people in a few, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months…who knows. Be well. Unless you’re in favor of Mohommed. Then get sick, don’t wash your hands, bathe in infected waters, call yourself a knucklehead.


Stop Living in the 90’s, Bruce

As much as I hate to think it too much, I have a fetish of going into the “then and now” items of the internet. The things I really enjoyed back in the day, there is part of me that wants those people to create a product again, decades later, that retains their freshness and zeal to life.

Music usually is the largest culprit of these. My hard copy music collection is a bunch of other items from the late 90’s and 2000’s, with maybe a good debut disk and some followups, hoping they “don’t suck.”

The offender that usually gets me noting the time, though…movies. imdb.com, I find myself looking at actors and actresses and going on hyperlinked bunny trails trying to find some piece of work that is watchable and enjoying myself while on the web. Tonight, I found myself on James O’Barr (The Crow) and then ‘oh shit, look-at-the-time.

Okay, I have work to do. It’s time to listen to some Demanufacture from Fear Factory…

Just a Thought about Social Networking and Vocations

I recently had a huge discussion with my HR veep. Of the company I work for. So after said discussion, which in the agreement was “You can have your blog, but be professional.” Which meant either I change my name or I delete anything work related. Keeping it the same would result in a termination for a few reasons.

Keeping in spirit with our gentleman’s agreement, I did alter and delete somethings from my social networking footprint which were pointing fingers to my job. Granted, not all of it was bad, but they have an image they are trying to uphold. And while I’m a great mute at business get-togethers, I’m not the guy you want around your Ivy League schlep that wants to dump his daddy’s investment dollars into your hole.

So we can keep things up on my blog like, what I do, my opinions. But any photos of work which might have been googled back around…nah, those went to the dump bin. And rightly so. I agree, there are some things I do really fanfuckingtastically well. I won’t exactly Manning your Super Bowl into the shitter, but I will have my own panache for my work.

Which everyone agrees, fine. Shake, shake, hand shake, hand shake.

So everyone at said company now does nothing per facebook. And some of us are still trying to untag those photos on our cover album (which is awesome sounding because everyone now uses CD’s or mp3’s…bad dum tish–bad joke). Kind of odd…how weeks ago, they were posting photos of Christmas time, work shirts, business parties…oh hell, delete the entire album. You can’t have the intern in that position, it makes it look like we’re the people behind pedo bear!

So as I’m reworking my network profiles over the web…I found myself at linkedin…

Um…this is so uncounter productive…Not social networking in general. But a social network where you’re pretty much supposed to have your ever-growing resume updated semi-monthly or somesuch…but it’s totally cool for your company’s HR reps to surf the profiles (“Oh dude, she’s hot. Can she just be hired to check the grout in the floor tiles…I bet she has a great backburner.” All the way to, “Overqualified and fuck it, that’s uglier than Helen Thomas.”) I mean, you and I…are really not supposed to be ‘looking’ for opportunity, or making it easy for opportunity to come across to us.

But here we are, millions of workers, constantly putting our brag sheet out here on the internet, using our real names (using a pen name or a porn name should be in practice at linkedin). We’re there, weathering the storm of Obamacare, in the Obamanation with no economy and permanent vacations for the ugliest First Lady…not wanting to point the obvious…

But linkedin.com just looks like a horrible problem. It’s partially an abortion. Of sorts. If your company you work for has you loaded with responsibility and you’re responsible for bringing the noise in Seattle, then you have your public profile up here as an occupational slap-in-the-face. You’re putting yourself out there, as a Guy La Douche, squirting who-knows-what on your company marquee.

At the same time, I have a serious itch to make DOZENS of profiles for fake people at real places I have worked. And just start making a company look like a mad house. I mean, you could have SERIOUS FUN doing something like this. Add in a few drunken photos from random people off myspace (because we always forget to check our myspace profile to ensure it’s not coming back!) and you have yourself a possible few evening’s entertainment sitting by the display drunkenly adding in more accomplishments to your new, fun, zany persona!!!

For some odd reason I think I will be traveling to a coffee shop with some Knob Creek in my flask next hitch that I have off. Yes, indeed, this is far, too far, of a bad idea to let it percolate soberly.